I got this one from web.archive.org (from: samg.freeshell.org). I was certainly not part of sdf.org that time but I think it is funny and should be preserved.

pooderNet: bye-bye-leenox

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The best COMMODE party I've ever attended. Hosted by Stephen M. Jones [smj] on Fri 17-Aug-2001, with his usual flair. Out with Linux/x86/Lewisville and in with NetBSD/Alpha/Seattle. The party lasted for 01:12, and a good time was had by all.

This log appears in raw form at: ftp://sdf.org/pub/sdf/historical/bye-bye-leenox.txt, which is a concatenation of smj's COM log and my session capture (on 'lilliput', a Compaq SLT/286 running MS-DOS Kermit). I diffed the duplicate material out, removed white space, reformatted lines in excess of 80 columns, and put the pieces into correct chronological order. (It even includes the 'teleport' sequence from old box to new, complete with hostname, ps and w!) Plus, it took me only 10 years to get around to it :0) Enjoy! -samg

# cat chatter.lobby
[petepete] um
[ 17-Aug-01 22:27 ] s0lm8@otaku has left lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:27 ] s0lm8@otaku has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:28 ] syd@sdf has joined lobby.
[syd]      yay
[syd]      ssh works
[syd]      pete r u the first one?
[ 17-Aug-01 22:29 ] syd@sdf has left lobby.
[petepete] m
[petepete] where
[petepete] has syd gone?
[ 17-Aug-01 22:29 ] astraea@sdf has joined lobby.
[astraea]  I am here
[ 17-Aug-01 22:30 ] exodous@sdf has joined lobby.
[exodous]  sup
[exodous]  why is this slow
[astraea]  because it is the old one
[ 17-Aug-01 22:30 ] sjhs@sdf has joined lobby.
[exodous]  ?
[sjhs]     hallo
[exodous]  hey sjhs
[astraea]  hi
[astraea]  yawn
[ 17-Aug-01 22:31 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
[visitor]  hehe
[astraea]  hi
[ 17-Aug-01 22:31 ] visitor@sdf has left lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:31 ] torquiz@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:31 ] smj@sdf has joined lobby.
[s0lm8]    where's:help
[s0lm8]    sorry
[smj]      sigh
[astraea]  hi!
[petepete] $ robots -s
[petepete] /usr/games/robots: /usr/games/robots: cannot execute binary file
[petepete] $
[exodous]  pete ware you doing
[exodous]  crap
[ 17-Aug-01 22:32 ] s3an@sdf has joined lobby.
[astraea]  zzzzzzz
[astraea]  coffee isn't doing it
[smj]      waiting for the end.
[exodous]  be right
[exodous]  yep i see this is the end of the box
<astraea plays Auld Lang Syne>
[smj]      hehe
[ 17-Aug-01 22:33 ] samg@sdf has joined lobby.
<astraea shares champagne>
[samg]     any NA bevs?
[exodous]  be right back
[petepete] syd is sleeping :(
[astraea]  native American?
[sjhs]     have a root beer
[sjhs]     /emote passes samg a sasperilla (sp?)
[ 17-Aug-01 22:34 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
[astraea]  have a ginger ale, Canada Dry (North American brew)
[ 17-Aug-01 22:34 ] taviso@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     yummie, thnx
[visitor]  its me shyboii
[sjhs]     d'oh it's : not /
[astraea]  hi
[visitor]  its not letting me onnn
[ 17-Aug-01 22:35 ] exodous@sdf has left lobby.
[smj]      hey
[visitor]  dang it
[astraea]  yawn
[visitor]  ITS NOT WORKING
[visitor]  =D
[samg]     can i su to root beer?
[astraea]  not sposed to
[ 17-Aug-01 22:35 ] exodous@sdf has joined lobby.
[taviso]   howdy guys :o)
[astraea]  howdy yawl
[visitor]  so its not suupposed to work?
[ 17-Aug-01 22:35 ] laurel@sdf has joined lobby.
[exodous]  be back in 30min
[ 17-Aug-01 22:35 ] phm@sdf has joined lobby.
[sjhs]     haha samg
[ 17-Aug-01 22:36 ] phm@sdf has left lobby.
[s0lm8]    thi:quit
[ 17-Aug-01 22:36 ] poe@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:36 ] s0lm8@otaku has left lobby.
[poe]      hi
[astraea]  hi
[samg]     i like the weather in seattle better...
[ 17-Aug-01 22:36 ] s0lm8@otaku has joined lobby.
[laurel]   gppd afternoon everyone
[smj]      good evening
[laurel]   i see I have to learn how to type
[sjhs]     i hope the system does too
[astraea]  learns to type?
[astraea]  hee hee
[sjhs]     like the weather
[samg]     i have to learn how 2 cat :)
[astraea]  smj are you in seattle now?
[taviso]   lol!
[sjhs]     that 2
[smj]      YEH
[poe]      it is hot in frankfurtitpoe from frankfurt
[astraea]  send us some of your rain please
[samg]     no, he ftp'ed himself to Lewisville
[astraea]  hee hee
[ 17-Aug-01 22:38 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:38 ] ryanf@sdf has joined lobby.
[poe]      is thios the old leeneyx machine?
[smj]      yes.
[astraea]  uh huh
[smj]      Linux sdf 2.2.19 #17 SMP Mon Jul 16 02:47:33 UTC 2001
           i686 unknown
[ 17-Aug-01 22:38 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
<astraea plays Taps>
[ 17-Aug-01 22:38 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
[visitor]  ?
[astraea]  ;
[astraea]  j
[astraea]  oops
[samg]     $
[ryanf]    ??
[astraea]  !!
[ 17-Aug-01 22:39 ] razam@sdf has joined lobby.
[astraea]  @8)
[samg]     i thought we were playing word association
[razam]    Hola!
[astraea]  association was a great band
[ 17-Aug-01 22:39 ] razam@sdf has left lobby.
[astraea]  que tal
[astraea]  oop
[smj]      in about 20 minutes I've got the first surprise for everyone.
[astraea]  oo a surprise *bounce*
[torquiz]  RTeturning to linux?
[torquiz]  I'm getting "bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable" of NetBSD
[samg]     ms-dos with Kermit in host mode?
[astraea] hate that fork thing
[astraea]  used to happen all the time, also "Cannot fork"
<sjhs boucnces>
[smj]      how many processes are you running.
[samg]     reminds me of macintosh
[ 17-Aug-01 22:41 ] perew@sdf has joined lobby.
[torquiz]  How many? Don't know; can't ps :(
[smj]      god damn you are running like 100 processees!
[smj]      what are you doing torquiz?
[taviso]   lmao!
[smj]      he is running 401 processes.
[samg]     redirection loop?
[torquiz]  No. I'm on twice, onece doing nothing; one with xemacs
[taviso]   there goes my record :o( <sigh>
[taviso]   lol
[astraea]  ?!?!
[smj]      I could 401.
[smj]      here let me show you.
[smj]      torquiz 9478 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9477 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9476 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9475 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9474 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9473 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9472 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.01 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9471 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9469 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9468 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9467 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[smj]      torquiz 9466 0.0 0.2 1472 1832 p1 I 10:40PM 0:00.02 /usr/pkg/bin/bash
[astraea]  holy moses
[smj]      obviously a user error.
[taviso]   lolol!
[laurel]   cat > .profile
[smj]      god.
[laurel]   bash
[laurel]   ^D
[astraea]  Neil Young?
[smj]      he thought it was netbsd.
[smj]      geez
[ 17-Aug-01 22:43 ] perew@sdf has left lobby.
[samg]     yeah, but he still should know better
[poe]      who
[astraea]  Neil Young
[ 17-Aug-01 22:44 ] perew@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     Neil
[perew]    a
[samg]     Kneel Jung :)
[ 17-Aug-01 22:44 ] meghdoot@sdf has joined lobby.
[astraea]  HAHAHAHA
[sjhs]     hapopyu crap
[samg]     tick, tick, tick
[sjhs]     happy newyear!
[samg]     happy the clown
[torquiz]  I just logged back in ; still getting the fork prob.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:45 ] lem@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     use your fingers
<astraea points to the big fancy sparkly ball up on the CPU>
[smj]      yeh you are running ALOT of fucking bash processes.
[smj]      you are runing 42 right now.
[smj]      WHY you just logged in?
[smj]      you just logged in and are spawning 42 fucking sub shells?
[smj]      sorry.
[torquiz]  Figured it out.
[astraea]  no prob
[petepete] 42
[smj]      42 sub shells forked at alogin.
[astraea]  the answer to life the universe and everything
[smj]      wow.. cool.
[taviso]   wow, spooky :o)
[meghdoot] who smj
[smj]      sorry torquiz.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:46 ] tbates@sdf has joined lobby.
[torquiz]  smj, could you delete my .bash_profile and .bashrc, please?
[ 17-Aug-01 22:47 ] petepete@sdf has left lobby.
[astraea]  wonder if my mail files are still here or did they
           get deleted already
[samg]     mine were here...
[ 17-Aug-01 22:47 ] doug@sdf has joined lobby.
[smj]      I commented out your read of the .bashrc
[astraea]  hrm
[samg]     kermitted them home
[meghdoot] is all the mail transfered to the new system smj?
[astraea]  might do the same
[doug]     Haha, made it
[samg]     *gkermitted them home
[astraea]  YAY!
[smj]      No, the disks have to be fedexced.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:47 ] astraea@sdf has left lobby.
[smj]      They will be here Monday.
[meghdoot] cool
[doug]     Took awhile to log-in, the old pee cee must be on
           it's last legs. :)
[smj]      YEh.
[tbates]   Lets s kill Linux
[smj]      patience.
[torquiz]  Thanks; error in my script changing the shebang.
[torquiz]  Left out the #!
[samg]     but Tux is so darn cute :^o)
[meghdoot] all good things come to those who wait
[taviso]   lol!
[tbates]   The little devil is cuter
[samg]     unless they wait on Micros0ft
[smj]      gosh, I feel like we are killing timothy mcveigh
[meghdoot] i swear
[samg]     yeah, can i get an animated devil tat blinks?
[ 17-Aug-01 22:49 ] root@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     (i think his name is Daenom
[ 17-Aug-01 22:50 ] root@sdf has left lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:50 ] petepete@sdf has joined lobby.
[smj]      haha
[ 17-Aug-01 22:50 ] root@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     *daemon
[root]     haha
[ 17-Aug-01 22:50 ] root@sdf has left lobby.
[tbates]   Boy root really gets around
[taviso]   lol! thats quite clever!
[sjhs]     daenom is by levy
[smj]      yeh..
[doug]     Hmmm, if you put graphics on the webpage, I would have
           a funny picture ...
[doug]     It's a picture of the BSD daemon,uh , taking "advantage" of
[ 17-Aug-01 22:51 ] corey@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     if you put my picture ... oh, oh, mind-fart
[smj]      corey did you get root?
[corey]    YEH~!!!
[meghdoot] hey smj about bsd why did you choose net over free?
[corey]    I ROOTED THIS BOX!
[smj]      I worked for a developer.
[smj]      BTW guys, corey is on his way to getting busted by
           UTA (university of Texas at Arlington) for compromising systems.
[corey]    heeh...that daemon klling linux is cool
[smj]      his favourite is LINUX because its too easy.
[taviso]   wow! cool.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:53 ] lem@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:53 ] sjhs@sdf has joined lobby.
[corey]    linux sux
[ 17-Aug-01 22:53 ] darklady@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:53 ] astraea@sdf has joined lobby.
[sjhs]     ?
[darklady] hi all
[astraea]  Hi
[tbates]   Hey
[samg]     hey 'd'
[astraea]  Well, I can't sz .. and I can't mail my files
[meghdoot] i will probably get flamed for this but is linux that
[astraea]  so...
[astraea]  It's good, it's just bad for sdf
[sjhs]     i argee
[smj]      Yeh, corey just got root on a 2.2.19
[lem]      hey folks!
[corey]    good for users, bad 4 servers.
[smj]      they said that was patched against execv()
[samg]     cat 'em to your screen and caputre
[astraea]  I... oh goodness
[samg]     *capture
[meghdoot] thats gotta suck -- agreee
[astraea]  well, I suppose I could, even the lengthy one
[smj]      YEH.. linux is pretty dangerous for public use.
[astraea]  hm.
[astraea]  brb.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:54 ] astraea@sdf has left lobby.
[smj]      2.2.19 was supposed to be secured from the race condition.
[corey]    i guess they lied about the patch?
[smj]      Yeh.
[taviso]   <sigh>
[smj]      anyway, Okay here is the first surprise.
[smj]      http://freeshell.org click on 'tour'
[exodous]  [6~kk
[ 17-Aug-01 22:56 ] binladen@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 22:56 ] jason@sdf has joined lobby.
[corey]    usama binladen!
[smj]      http://freeshell.org click on 'tour'
[lem]      Maybe it's a bad time to ask, but it seems that
           both sdf and otaku have no files in home directories...
[ 17-Aug-01 22:57 ] corey@sdf has left lobby.
[samg]     quit
[ 17-Aug-01 22:57 ] corey@sdf has joined lobby.

[ 17-Aug-01 22:57 ] samg@sdf has left lobby.
[tbates]   k we got the tour page
[smj]      they are being shipped.
[lem]      smj: UPS or FedEx? ;-)
[ 17-Aug-01 22:58 ] dcg@sdf has joined lobby.
[smj]      fedex
[smj]      of course
[corey]    when they being sihppied?
[smj]      wow I don't think we ever had 22 people in com

Unlinking TTY ..
sdf:samg 509> com

COM MODE - Type ":HELP" for Commands.

room      # of members
1         (2)
help      (2)
hola      (1)
lobby     (22)

Which room? lobby

You are among: binladen corey darklady dcg doug exodous jason laurel lem meghdoot
               perew petepete poe ryanf s0lm8 s3an sjhs smj taviso tbates torquiz

[lem]      smj: Got a tracking #? :)
[smj]      They will be shippe tomorrow.
[corey]    com record@!
[tbates]   People like public executions
[poe]      ,-)
[tbates]   workrked in france you knopw
[corey]    execute linux!
[darklady] works in the us
[corey]    (run it or kill it?_)
[ 17-Aug-01 22:59 ] samg@sdf has joined lobby.
[corey]    darklady... r u a goth?
[sjhs]     yeah
[taviso]   hehe :o)

Broadcast Message from smj@sdf
        (/dev/ttyq5) at 22:58 ...

ATTENTION.  In 30 minutes this LINUX PC will never run again.  Bye bye
linux.  Bye bye intel x86.  Please join com.

[smj]      sorry about that.
[corey]    YAY!
[samg]     hubba-hubba
[sjhs]     yes
[tbates]   I didn't even know there was a com
[smj]      http://freeshell.org click on 'tour'
[taviso]   wooohoo :o)
[visitor]  q/quit
[corey]    everybody is running com!
[ 17-Aug-01 23:00 ] blackmus@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:00 ] itch@sdf has joined lobby.
[smj]      a couple of people are using micq.
[sjhs]     or is com running everybody ?!?!?!?!
[samg]     smj, http://freeshell.org sez 'connection refused'
[smj]      Well, hold up the fort while I walk home! I'll be
           home in about 10 minutes.
[doug]     840 watts, ooh
[smj]      samg, I see it from here..
[smj]      I am on alter.net
[corey]    that's a huge power supply.
[corey]    way better than a crappy 300Watt PC p/s!
[smj]      yeh and we have TWO cabinets :)
[samg]     must just be from this box (links)
[doug]     That's a great tour... very cool
[corey]    is it energy =- star compliant, SMJ?
[doug]     I'm not familar with the "bigger" iron
[binladen] wtf exactly is
[binladen] so i cant use sdf.lonestar.org
[smj]      Okay.. I'll be back in a few minutes... keep the g
           peole informed of whats going on.
[visitor]  quit
[ 17-Aug-01 23:02 ] smj@sdf has left lobby.
[binladen] to get on account
[binladen] ?
[sjhs]     and it really helps witht the power shortage
[ 17-Aug-01 23:02 ] visitor@sdf has left lobby.
[meghdoot] tour is nice smj
[corey]    waitn for the new sdf....in 35 mnuts
[doug]     Hehe, yeah, stoke up the coal plants, sdf is powering-up! :)
[taviso]   nice machines :o)
[corey]    !!! hehe...coal plant
[itch]     hey um when ever i use micq with the new box
           it gives me the "message sent to _________" twice
[ 17-Aug-01 23:02 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
[doug]     I'm glad sdf is getting a great home...
[samg]     who you callin' m-nuts?
[binladen] whuz the new addy for sdf
[binladen] ?
[doug]     This system is the best open LiUnix system by far
[doug]     hehe
[taviso]   yup :o)
[meghdoot] addy??
[doug]     Make that Unix system before I'm shot
[doug]     I checked around the few other systems, not nearly as nice
[binladen] addy ----> adf.lonestar.org
[corey]    theunixplace.com sucks!
[s0lm8]    yeah unixshellz sux
[binladen] sdf.lonestar.org*
[doug]     Very intrusive, I think they want DNA before htey will give
           you an account
[taviso]   rofl!
[corey]    please input your genome sequence: ACTTTCATALAGCATGG
[meghdoot] haha
[samg]     what's the extra heliotrope meam?
[sjhs]     there isn't enuf of these
[corey]    s/L//
[doug]     I guess it's to cut-down on the crackers...
[samg]     *mean?
[doug]     It's amazing how well this system works, considering all the butholes
           out there nowadays
[ 17-Aug-01 23:05 ] binladen@sdf has left lobby.
[corey]    sdf is a resilient system.
[petepete] its the macrochips()
[s0lm8]    any chance you can get rot on bsd ?
[s0lm8]    mean root :)
[ 17-Aug-01 23:07 ] mindspy@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     pleez pass the macrochips
[corey]    I cant' do it!
[ 17-Aug-01 23:07 ] binladen@sdf has joined lobby.
[doug]     Stephen must be damn , hmm, persistant too.
[samg]     it's his baby: what do you expect?
[doug]     It's got to be a ton of work to keep this
           place running.
[s0lm8]    yeah he's really fed up with leenox :)
[corey]    thankless work , almost in a way (except for our thanks)
[doug]     Hopefully wit hthe new iron and OS, things will settle down
           a bit
[tbates]   Did he say the new boxes were 8K each?
[binladen] whuz a ishell
[binladen] ?
[corey]    that's their ORIGINAL price man.
[corey]    now they're 1/10 th that.
[doug]     I think it's neat to be on a working multi-user UNIX
[corey]    but they are STILL powerful processors. Don't let the MHZ fool
[doug]     When you type w, people are actually on beside yourself. :)
[samg]     home sweet hostel
[tbates]   I wonder how much donations covered
[taviso]   lmao! hehe
[tbates]   w
[tbates]   oops
[corey]    yeh, it's nice to be able to finger too.
[s0lm8]    36$ is really cheap
[ 17-Aug-01 23:10 ] binladen@sdf has left lobby.
[samg]     yeh, finger on a single-user sys is a drag
[tbates]   Not if you keep changing your plan
[poe]      dead tired in germoney
[samg]     good point
[itch]     so is the system ujust going to die and boot us?
[samg]     schizophrenia has it's plusses
[taviso]   hehe, could be fun :o)
[s0lm8]    and i will get a
[taviso]   grrrr @ lag
[corey]    yep...we will see nothign after a while.
[s0lm8]    hammer and slam my terminal aswwzll :)
[doug]     Ahhh, echo. - reading the man page on the other system
[ 17-Aug-01 23:12 ] corey@sdf has left lobby.
[doug]     Hmmm, if he uses shutdown, don't we get a countdown?
[ 17-Aug-01 23:12 ] sjhs@sdf has joined lobby.
[taviso]   hasnt it already been initialised?
[sjhs]     how much time left?
[ 17-Aug-01 23:13 ] tak@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     18 min
[jason]    [6~[5^[5^who
[meghdoot] 15-20 mins !!!
[tak]      hmmm
[ 17-Aug-01 23:14 ] ssj@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:14 ] corey@sdf has joined lobby.
[samg]     the silence is deafening
[corey]    25 users in lobby wow
[ssj]      why does corey think SDF sucks?
[meghdoot] is taht an all time high
[sjhs]     only 3 on new srvr
[corey]    haha..do0n't take me LITERALLY ssj.
[corey]    i meant the old sdf. (with linux).
[taviso]   any news on the ebay auction , i wouldnt mind owning
           a bit of her :o)
[corey]    has it been posted 2 ebay yet?
[samg]     i want the numlock key
[meghdoot] ??
[corey]    haha
[taviso]   rofl!
[corey]    how long was this old sdf in service smj/ ssj ?
[meghdoot] i want delete
[tak]      lol
[corey]    s[ms]j ?
[tbates]   Im logged in but telnetted here
[ssj]      I get the RJ45 cable!!!
[samg]     me too, tbates
[samg]     using a 286, dospppd, ms-kermit as telnet
[ 17-Aug-01 23:16 ] corey@sdf has left lobby.
[s0lm8]    how much for the fan ?
[tbates]   yiles
[ 17-Aug-01 23:17 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
[taviso]   wow!
[samg]     out in the woods of minnesota
[ 17-Aug-01 23:17 ] poe@sdf has left lobby.
[visitor]  Hi everyone
[tbates]   Hey
[samg]     greets
[itch]     how much longer?
[ 17-Aug-01 23:18 ] croooow@sdf has joined lobby.
[tbates]   dunno soon like 20 m
[croooow]  hello
[ 17-Aug-01 23:19 ] mindspy@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:19 ] corey@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:19 ] visitor@sdf has joined lobby.
<s0lm8 gasp>
[visitor]  How can i installt a webspace
[mindspy]  hello
[corey]    people are in the 'help' com room hahh
[taviso]   lol!
[meghdoot] haha
[sjhs]     finger ssj
[tbates]   I was stuck there for a little
[visitor]  help
[meghdoot] me 2
[sjhs]     stephen s jones?
[visitor]  Please help me
[tbates]   with what?
[meghdoot] what up vis
[mindspy]  that guy wants to install a web space
[samg]     webspace on this box? ha!
[mindspy]  yeah
[mindspy]  funny huh
[meghdoot] yeah
[doug]     This box is gonna croak in a few minutes
[samg]     this proprty is condemned
[corey]    ssj is smj's ather
[mindspy]  we are now squatters
[corey]    (father? ssj smj) -> #t
[tbates]   do you have anaccount vis, it helps
[meghdoot] better go to the new one
[sjhs]     the haunte d host!
[samg]     that's why were here ... it's a party
[corey]    (father? 'ssj 'smj) -> #t
[sjhs]     oh
[mindspy]  hey my initals are smj
[mindspy]  am i a relative
[sjhs]     wait, (father? 'son 'father) or fvv
[meghdoot] u are a fake

Broadcast Message from smj@sdf
        (/dev/ttyr5) at 23:21 ...

I view Linux as something that's not Microsoft^×a backlash against Microsoft, no
more and no less.

    - Ken Thompson (father of the UNIX operating system)

[sjhs]     t
[mindspy]  me
[corey]    heeh.
[meghdoot] jk
[visitor]  pine
[corey]    KEN THOMPSON, DEMIGOD of unix.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:22 ] smj@sdf has joined lobby.
[smj]      hey
[taviso]   wb smj :o)
[corey]    how much lnoger?
[sjhs]     (exit)
[sjhs]     (ba
[visitor]  djjdjdjdexit
<perew Begins last rites for the Linux box.>
[sjhs]     say (bye)
[visitor]  exit
[corey]    /me farts in the general direction of linux
[exodous]  bye
[samg]     boo
[ssj]      T Minus how many minutes and counting?
[samg]     hoo
[sjhs]     btw, doe (S D F) have anyting 2do w/lisp?
[taviso]   type a colon first vis :o)
[petepete] wow. fireworks!
[s0lm8]    tatada tatadadada :)
[corey]    if S were a function,
[corey]    and if D and F were bound variable s that maxce
           sense for that fucntion.
[samg]     i'd be a routine

Broadcast Message from smj@sdf
        (/dev/ttyr5) at 23:23 ...

My experience and some of my friends' experience is that Linux is quite
unrelia le. Microsoft is really unreliable but Linux is worse. In a
non-PC environment, it just won't hold up. If you're using it on a
single box, that's one thing. But if you want to use Linux in firewall,
gateways, embedded systems, and so on, it has a long way to go. 

  - Ken Thompson (father of the UNIX operating system)

[ssj]      SDF will no longer be a Texas based system!
[taviso]   super domain forces i think, type sdf and it tells you
[corey]    hmm.
[ssj]      it will be in green pastures
[corey]    well, I don't see why linux can't make a good firewall...what
           about firewall in a floppy disk 4 linux?
[samg]     how will gwb get by without us?
[s0lm8]    where ?
[ssj]      or should I say trees
[corey]    And stores of people using 48's as firewalls/routers, /etc
[smj]      well linux makes a great firewall, because when iot goes down
           its at its best!!
[corey]    i think maybe ken thompson's words are too harsh..
[taviso]   the Linux Router Project Rocks! :o()
[smj]      surprise one was http://freeshell.org click on 'tour'
[smj]      surpirse two is.. I bought two DDS3 DAT back up drvies
           (24gigs each!)
[s0lm8]    and two .
[ssj]      I have to use Verizon ADSL now yk
[sjhs]     also in tour
[ssj]      no more direct link to SDF!!!
[taviso]   woohoo smj! sounds gr8!
[sjhs]     join the club :-)
[ssj]      hey anybody want this wornout SDF keyboard?
[meghdoot] giveaway?
[ 17-Aug-01 23:27 ] shadearg@sdf has joined lobby.
[exodous]  i will take the linux pc
[samg]     shoot the monkey ... my dinner's getting cold
[meghdoot] you cud auction
[smj]      Thank you for taking the SDF survey to everyone who took
[taviso]   lol!
[exodous]  where is the auction what ebay number
[doug]     Hmmm, survery?
[taviso]   survey?
[visitor]  yay for the backup tapes =)
[samg]     1 minit left
[blackmus] sdf OArrOC;:eee3;//
<petepete blinks>
[meghdoot] vis r u a tuberoad
[blackmus] sorry
[perew]    <:
[ssj]      bye bye!!!
[meghdoot] fluoroscent (old) lamp
<perew took the survey and isn't giving it back>
[ 17-Aug-01 23:29 ] ssj@sdf has left lobby.
<s0lm8 snif>
[samg]     see ya
[tbates]   SDF rocks
[tak]      bye *
[samg]     'til we meet again
[ 17-Aug-01 23:29 ] astraea@sdf has joined lobby.
[astraea]  pshew
[visitor]  ybye bye old machine
[taviso]   adios Linux!
[astraea]  lmost didn't make it back!
<s0lm8 rest in peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!>
[astraea]  bye bye linux
[sjhs]     adieu
[samg]     don't worry, it won't hurt a bit
[corey]    should I take the survey now b4 sdf dies?
[taviso]   lol!
[visitor]  you serverd faithfully, sorta
[samg]     type fast
[petepete] ,
[croooow]  good bye old paint
[perew]    Requesqcat in pacem
[astraea]  Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine
[doug]     <bang>
[astraea]  or in Jewish,
[meghdoot] it still works????1111111
[astraea]  I thin it's
[samg]     nubus rectum
[jason]    i knid of liked waiting 5 minutes for the login prompt
[astraea]  "Eternally glorified and sanctified be the holy name of the Lord"
[sjhs]     adiaux
[s0lm8]    tux is hard to kill :)
[astraea]  "May peace be with you and the whole nation of Israel,

Broadcast Message from smj@sdf
        (/dev/ttyr5) at 23:28 ...

Dear Linus,

In 1996, after much pressure from your following weenies, I attempted to
move a stable AT&T 3b2 UNIX environment to your KERNEL running GNU FSF
utilities.  I have to let you know, this has been the worst 4 or so
years of my life.  I know its not your fault.  Ken Thompson told me
so.  I wish you good luck, but we're going with a real operating system
on a real computer.


[sjhs]     (bye)
[astraea]  There.
[samg]     is my watch fast?
[astraea]  YAY!
[tbates]   hey you got a prompt?
[corey]    that letter to LINUS IS HARSH!
[astraea]  uhhh
[astraea]  it's TRUE THOUGH
[taviso]   hehe!
[ 17-Aug-01 23:31 ] caersidi@sdf has joined lobby.
[croooow]  LOL
[perew]    Be sure to put a Donor sticcker on SDF.
[visitor]  i hope this is logged
[mindspy]  ha that was funny
[corey]    man..he might beat you up for that.
[doug]     Hmmm, if te new box gets rootted...
[corey]    word
[corey]    st 4 years of my life..haha.
[samg]     excel
[ 17-Aug-01 23:31 ] ssj@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:31 ] schaller@sdf has joined lobby.
[caersidi] what's the date of thompsons message?
[corey]    WHOSE FAULT IS IT?
[ssj]      SDF is going commercial at $39.95 per month
[astraea]  ???
[sjhs]     haha!
[samg]     mine ... always mine
[s0lm8]    die penquin die !!
[blackmus] what?
[astraea]  I can't afford that
[taviso]   shoot the SoB!
[mindspy]  his message i believe was related to the 2.2.* kernsl
[samg]     pookie misses daddy
[corey]    isn't apenguin ...not really the imae of high pperformance,
           scalable, reliable computing?

Broadcast Message from smj@sdf
        (/dev/ttyr5) at 23:31 ...


hejd^¥ leenox! hejd^¥ linus torvalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Broadcast message from root (ttyr5) Fri Aug 17 23:32:54 2001...

The system is going down for system halt NOW !!

[ssj]      hahahaha

Connection closed by foreign host.
sdf:samg 295>hostname
sdf:samg 296>ps
 282 u7 Ss   0:00.16 -bash
7340 u7 R+   0:00.00 ps
sdf:samg 298>w
11:35PM  up 4 days, 19:01, 58 users, load averages: 3.33, 3.46, 2.87
tak      p1      11:12PM     0 /usr/pkg/bin/pico /etc/pw.09629a
meghdoot p2  10:40PM     0 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
exodous  p3     10:32PM    59 -bash
fnx      p4    10:21PM    12 micq
perew    p5     9:47PM    29 -
laurel   p6     5:41PM    44 -zsh
new      p7   11:35PM     0 /bin/ksh /var/new/mkacct
itch     p8    10:56PM    30 micq
laze     p9     10:50PM     1 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
happyguy pa     11:30PM     4 -bash
new      pb   11:03PM    29 /usr/bin/ssh -e none -l mclancy sdf
jason    pc  11:05PM     0 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
cyberic  pd   11:14PM    10 -ksh
new      pe      11:35PM     0 /bin/ksh /var/new/mkacct
blackmus pf    11:15PM     1 bash
gingeral q0    11:34PM     0 -ksh
alchemy  q1     10:45PM    21 -
sebwilk  q2   11:35PM     0 -ksh
vihuab   q3    10:33PM     4 icq
solo     q4  11:29PM     0 -ksh
torquiz  q5      10:48PM    13 emacs /arpa/t/torquiz/bin
bentzy   q6    11:17PM     6 -ksh
dcg      q7      4:59PM     0 /bin/ksh /usr/pkg/lib/bboard.ksh
esmith   q9    10:08PM     0 telnet lintilla.df.lth.se 5013
itch     qa     9:31PM    58 -ksh
reenvios qb  10:15PM    45 -ksh
compular qc       7:54PM  3:10 -ksh
ahmad    qd     5:50PM    14 micq
sjhs     qe  11:14PM     0 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
tbates   qf    10:41PM     1 -bash
baher    r0   11:32PM     1 -ksh
s0lm8    r2     11:16PM     1 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
phm      r3    10:50PM     1 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
sergiobc r4  10:55PM     8 -ksh
caersidi r5   2:22PM     1 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
mkguidry r6   11:21PM     0 irc
styx0r   r7   11:10PM    24 micq
schaller r8  11:11PM    21 -bash
zyx0     r9    11:22PM    10 /usr/bin/more
laze     ra      9:05PM  1:09 /bin/ksh /usr/pkg/lib/bboard.ksh
djfloyd  rc     11:26PM     0 -ksh
haferman re    11:21PM     0 telnet fibs.com 4321
astraea  rf      11:27PM     0 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
tak      s0      11:20PM    13 micq
cfaj     s1       7:59PM    56 emacs html
breakd   s2  11:27PM     7 -ksh
wladimir s3     9:02PM     0 -bash
corey    s4    9:44PM     0 tail -f /var/com/chatter.lobby
wilk     s5  10:59PM    25 /bin/sh
reenvios s6  11:25PM     9 -ksh
new      s7   11:28PM     2 /usr/bin/ssh -e none -l waleedsa sd
cpayne   s8      5:47PM     0 mutt
schaller s9   9:34PM     0 -bash
hakan    sa   11:21PM     9 -ksh
victorwo sb    11:24PM    10 icq
digiview sc   11:27PM     0 -ksh
sergiobc sd  11:34PM     0 -ksh
shadearg se    11:24PM     4 -bash
sdf:samg 299>com
COM MODE - Type ":HELP" for Commands.

room      # of members
com       (1)
lobby     (12)

Which room? lobby

You are among: astraea caersidi corey dcg jason laze meghdoot phm s0lm8 sjhs smj

[corey]    yup!
[meghdoot] haha
[corey]    but what about this "proprietary unsupporrrted hardware" we're running
           on now?
[smj]      Well, I'm going to go ahead and move OLD mail tonight..
[smj]      I'll get started on that.
[astraea]  I got most of my files downloaded
[sjhs]     i'm glad i happened to decide to login tonight
[astraea]  the important ones
[ 18-Aug-01 00:35 ] dcg@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:35 ] samg@sdf has joined lobby.
[caersidi] the load has been running in the mid 2s to 3s
           when I have looked. Are members gonna get a seperate box?
[meghdoot] part was neat cu all laterz bye
[meghdoot] party i mean
[smj]      Do you know what the max load on this bcabinet is?
[laze]     what does trhe load number represent, exactly?
[smj]      its like 699.0 :)
[corey]    10000 ?
[corey]    heeh
[taviso]   lol!
[corey]    ther'es some kind of computation.
[samg]     great party alll ... gotta go eat
[smj]      okay.. see ya!
[astraea]  yeah, me too!
[corey]    taht degrades over time (the # goes down over time exponentially?)
[sjhs]     i've been eating the whole time
[samg]     logged the party ... will post it later
[astraea]  Thank you smj for everything.
[astraea]  Wonderful!
[taviso]   yeah , thanks smj! bye all :o).....
[smj]      I got these two dds3 drives for backup snow.
[smj]      sure.. it was fun.
[samg]     smj, you're tops
[corey]    2 24GIG drives eh? K=-rad
[smj]      hehe
[corey]    smj the man!
[smj]      did anyone capture it to a log_ Ø=
[samg]     kudos
[astraea]  Yes
[smj]      cool
[astraea]  samg did
[corey]    i can't wait to see people run linux-exploits here.
[astraea]  and I got part of it
[smj]      I've got the com log too.
[samg]     smj, i captured it
[corey]    and wonder wy they don't wor
[astraea]  k
[smj]      I have the entire com log that wshould be helpful.
[astraea]  giggle
[samg]     i need to edit out a links session
[ 17-Aug-01 23:38 ] meghdoot@sdf has left lobby.
[samg]     b bak later
[ 17-Aug-01 23:39 ] sf@sdf has joined lobby.
[ 17-Aug-01 23:39 ] sjhs@sdf has left lobby.
[samg]     quit
[smj]      [A:who
[astraea]  you know what's funny maybe you can explain

Unlinking TTY ..
sdf:samg 300>bye

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